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Auto Insurance in Chesapeake and What You Need to Know

It is critical to shop around in order to find an affordable rate on your car insurance. The cost depends on a number of variables, such as age, vehicle, driving history and location. By accumulating auto insurance rates from across Chesapeake, we can advise on the cheapest alternatives for various kinds of drivers. This makes shopping around for cheap car insurance quicker and easier. In addition, we have also listed some potential factors that affect the cost of car insurance in Chesapeake.

Percentage decrease in Chesapeake car insurance costs compared to national average

3069 %

Percentage decrease in Chesapeake car costs compared to average in Virginia

603 %

Percentage increase in Chesapeake car insurance costs compared to most expensive in Virginia

3559 %

Full Coverage Car Insurance

With full coverage, you can have complete peace of mind knowing that your passengers, other road users and yourself are fully protected.

Liability Car Insurance

With our minimum liability auto insurance cover, you meet the insurance requirements for driving in Chesapeake. Having the minimum standard for insurance is always better than having no protection at all.

High Risk Car Insurance

Drivers with certain traffic offences and infringements on their driving record are considered high risk. We can help you find the best high risk auto insurance rate in Chesapeake for your situation.

Home and Auto Insurance

We can help you bundle your home and auto insurance coverage in Chesapeake into a single, manageable policy with us, saving you time and money. It also means less stress from dealing with multiple companies.

Your Driving Record Matters When Getting Auto Insurance in Chesapeake

When requesting a quote for car insurance in Chesapeake, it's possible that the actual cost of insurance is significantly higher than the original quote given by an insurance company. This discrepancy in the price is usually due to your insurance points. These points are accumulated on the driver's record for every crime, accident or infringement committed, and the number of accumulated points vary by state. If you don't disclose your full driving history at the time of the quote being calculated, then the cost of your actual premium will increase to more accurately reflect your driving record, which is verified against the state's department of motor vehicles database. It's essential for you to report your entire driving history so that we can provide you with an accurate quote for your car insurance coverage.

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Your Type of Car Plays a Role on Car Insurance Costs in Chesapeake

When insuring a car, horsepower, size and the value of the car will all contribute to the price of coverage in Chesapeake. Vehicles with a higher horsepower are more likely to speed and therefore tend to be involved in more accidents. The sheer size of many SUVs gives them a higher capability of inflicting damage to other cars and pedestrians. The high value of some luxury or specialty vehicles will warrant a higher cost for replacements or repairs. All of these characteristics increase the insurance premium you will pay in Chesapeake, and should be considered when buying and insuring a car. An average, mid-sized car with a lower value can save you money on auto insurance.

Vehicle TypeAnnual Average Cost of Car Insurance

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Cost of Car Insurance in Chesapeake by Gender and Marital Status

While gender can no longer influence the price of your car insurance in Chesapeake, your marital status can. On average, married couples will receive cheaper car insurance coverage than other marital statuses. This is because statistically, single, never-married people are more likely to be involved in accidents than married men and women, so they have higher premiums than couples. There could be a number of reasons for the difference in the accident rates. Some sources theorize that this is because married people don't drive as much as their single counterparts, while others claim it may be due to married couples having a more stable lifestyle, and therefore taking less risks than single people. This higher price for car insurance in Chesapeake also applies to elderly widows and divorcees, but a discount may be applied for domestic partnerships, although this is not as common.

Where You Live in Chesapeake Affects Car Insurance Costs

Annual savings for car insurance in smaller towns near Chesapeake

12 %

Annual savings for car insurance in medium sized cities near Chesapeake

11 %

One major factor that influences your car insurance premium is your five-digit postal zip code. In fact, your zip code plays a greater role than the make or model of the car when determining the cost of your insurance premium in Chesapeake. Insurance firms designate each postal zip code with a risk classification, which is based on the number of injuries, claims and thefts reported for each zip code. This means city drivers will pay more than those in the suburbs and towns, since a higher density of vehicles means a higher chance of an accident happening. On the other hand, some rural zip codes may pay a higher price for their car insurance because of the condition and status of the roads.

Average Costs of Auto Insurance in Chesapeake by Types of Coverage

Type of Auto Insurance CoverageAverage Annual Rate
Without Comprehensive or Collision771.56
Auto Insurance with Comprehensive Only910.43
Auto Insurance with Comprehensive and Collision1,342.50

Your Credit Affects Your Car Insurance Costs

In addition to your driving history, type of car, marital status and your location, your credit rating also contributes in determining what you pay for car insurance cover. In fact, using your credit rating score to calculate the cost of cover is common amongst 92 percent of insurance companies in Chesapeake. This is because it has been found to be a reliable predictor for whether someone is likely to be involved in an accident or not. By evaluating your credit rating and credit history, we can calculate the fairest rate that is tailored to your individual needs. A good credit rating will lower the cost of auto insurance, and the best way to maintain a good credit rating is to consistently pay your bills on time, as well as limiting any overspending and applications for credit.

Average car insurance rate changes in Chesapeake based off credit scores.

56 %

Max car insurance rate changes in Chesapeake based off credit scores

137 %

92 percent of the car insurance companies in Chesapeake now consider your credit score when calculating how much you will pay for auto insurance.

Chesapeake Car Insurance Rates by Age

Another significant component that is used to calculate how much you pay for car insurance is your age. Certain age groups are statistically more likely to be involved in an accident compared to other age groups, and therefore have a higher cost associated with covering them. Younger drivers have less experience, and tend to exhibit more reckless behavior compared to their older counterparts. This typically makes them the most expensive demographic to cover in Chesapeake. As drivers become more experienced, and settle into middle age, their driving habits tend to become more cautious, and as a result, they tend to have less accidents and therefore their insurance rates decrease. Your car insurance premiums in Chesapeake will continue to drop throughout your life, until around the age of 70 years old. From this point, insurance costs generally start to increase again due to the increased risk of an accident. The degree to which age has an effect on your car insurance will vary from state to state, but typically younger drivers will pay a higher cost for car insurance in contrast to middle aged drivers.

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Getting the Best Auto Insurance Rates in Chesapeake

Negotiating and interpreting all of the various insurance policies, packages and bundles in Chesapeake can be daunting and overwhelming. Finding an affordable premium that meets all of your requirements is vital if you want to keep your insurance costs down, while at the same time know you are covered. Comparing the costs and benefits of all of the options is important when shopping around for insurance, so that you are confident that you are protected from financial loss with respect to traffic accidents, automobile theft and natural disasters. Each insurer in Chesapeake will provide a number of insurance products and packages, which may include special discounts and reductions on your insurance policy if you meet certain requirements. This can be further complicated when combining your car insurance with your house insurance. We can help you navigate this process to help you find an insurance policy that is best suited to your needs and your price range.